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Thank you to President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid

In his speech yesterday, Obama made the case against liberalism and big government. And, in the process, made the case against Democrat’s platform. In apologizing he made two very accurate statements. He said that government isn’t efficient. He’s absolutely correct. … Continue reading

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CBS, Star-Tribune, Turn on Obama

It started over the weekend when SNL included some of the most anti-Democrat-policy skits ever to broach their halls. Most at the expense of Obama and Obamacare. Yesterday’s Star-Tribune included the headline (in moderately larger than normal type just below … Continue reading

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Sequester Overreaction – Some Perspective

The overreaction from both sides as we approach sequester is quite amazing. For a bit of perspective, consider this. Sequester is the same as a 50 employee company who was hoping to hire a new person not being able to. … Continue reading

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Economy: The last thing we need is a ‘Jolt’

In his speech yesterday Obama screamed that our economy needs a ‘jolt’.  It doesn’t.  The last thing we need is a jolt.  Jolts go one way and then the other.  What we need is slow steady solid organic growth that … Continue reading

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In Defense of Common

The rapper ‘Common’ has received more press in the past couple of weeks than he probably has in all of the rest of his life.  In case you haven’t heard, Michelle Obama invited him to the White House to perform … Continue reading

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Huckabee – One Toke Over The Line?

Mike Huckabee has had Ted Nugent on his show a number of times. Now, when I think of Ted Nugent, I immediately think about two things; great guitar playing, and sex. During his heyday, Nugent was synonymous with sex. Particularly … Continue reading

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Obama Birth Certificate – I Don’t Get It

Barack Hussein Obama II released his birth certificate today. After over three years of controversy. I’d expected that if he ever did release it that it would likely show that he was born in Hawaii, but include something mildly embarrassing, … Continue reading

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I get to agree with Barack Obama

Those who know me likely consider me somewhat contentious and argumentative.  I enjoy arguments.  Not knock down screaming matches, but debate over various sides of an issue.  I also like to agree with people and in particular I like to … Continue reading

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Varying Modesty and TSA’s Impact On Teens

What may seem fine in the world of John Pistole, Janet Napolitano, and Barack Obama, may not be so fine in the world of you or me. Modesty is an interesting thing. Generally most males don’t give a rip who … Continue reading


Nobel Prize – Talk about audacity of hope !

At one time a Nobel Prize meant something. No more. If President Obama HAD achieved some level of peace in the Middle East or HAD dealt a deathblow to fascism and communism or HAD accomplished almost anything relatively significant in … Continue reading

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