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Cafe Etiquette – Table Hogs

There’s an interesting conundrum with café etiquette in the US. In most US cafes, those I’ve been in anyway, the protocol is that you stand in line, order your drink, then find a table. This generally works well, is fair … Continue reading

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Embarrassment Works !

A brief follow-up to my previous post… Peer Pressure is very powerful. Most of us are, and often rightly so, hesitant to speak up to people violating social etiquette. It’s often simply not worth it and just creates conflict where … Continue reading

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Café Etiquette: Holding Tables

Had an interesting experience in New York this past weekend. Went to a place called Ess-A-Bagel, somewhere about 50th and 3rd. Long line of people – not unusual for a New York bagel place. The 4 of us got in … Continue reading

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Boorish Behavior

Note: I wrote this earlier and forgot to post…This morning I was in my favorite café writing the previous post about Harry Reid and rationing healthcare. When I sat at my table I noticed a college-aged girl sitting at a … Continue reading

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Simple Public Decorum

Are people less considerate of others than they used to be? Are people in the U.S. less considerate of others than people in Europe? Or Asia? Yesterday I was working in one of my favorite cafes. There is a line … Continue reading

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