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Michael Gallahger on road rage? Really?

Yesterday morning Mike Gallagher was telling this story about a woman behind him on the freeway honking at him. He was enraged that she was expressing supposed road rage towards him. Really? From his side of the story he was … Continue reading

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Disgusting Penn State fans. And Michael Gallagher’s Over-reaction… Again

Sometimes in the morning my car radio will be on a local station from the night before and I’ll get a bit of Michael Gallagher’s morning show before switching.  I tell you this simply to explain why I would have … Continue reading

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Sex Offenders IIa – Who Are They?

Note: Part I painted a pretty bleak picture.  Two women have commented to me that it leaves them with little hope for men.  One added that a common topic for women is that there are no good men out there … Continue reading

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Understanding Sex Offenders – Part I

Sex offender.  The term sends chills up the spine of most of us. I’ve known a number of sex offenders, including several pastors and church leaders who have been convicted of sex with minors.  I’ve also known many victims.  You … Continue reading


Food, Sex, and Self Control

In a survey I asked a bunch of former drug addicts which they believe more difficult to give up; drugs or sex. Female respondents largely said drugs. Male respondents overwhelmingly said sex. I wish I’d asked the same question about … Continue reading


Obesity, drugs, and self-control

Companies such as Entero-Medics and Leptos Biomedical are striving to develop devices that will curb people’s appetites so they’ll eat less. Eat less, fewer calories, and your weight goes down. It’s really rather simple. What ever happened to basic self-control? … Continue reading

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