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Christianity, Statistics, and the misguided chuzpa of Bradley R. E. Wright

A recent USA Today article “Christians question divorce rates of faithful”, began: It’s been proclaimed from pulpits and blogs for years — Christians divorce as much as everyone else in America. But some scholars and family activists are questioning the … Continue reading

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Christians divorce more than heathens ?

There is a well-known study by Barna Group regarding a higher divorce rate among Christians than among non-Christians. I’ve also mentioned my own initial study indicating that the divorce rate among those who meet at Christian colleges appears even higher … Continue reading


Monogamy: Unrealistic Expectation?

Note for my family: This is not an appropriate topic of conversation when guests are around. EG, it s/b off limits from 24 Dec until 3 Jan. Now, let’s see how much trouble I can get myself in. According to … Continue reading

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