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Death of Internal Combustion Engines ?

This morning I heard an interview on the radio with an executive of Ford Motor Co. Interestingly, the bulk of the interview turned in to him defending the internal combustion engine. At least 3 times he said “it’s not dead … Continue reading

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Electric Vehicles Update

Today we have Tesla (250th roadster delivered, building 20-30/week, $49k S Model Sedan coming in 2011) with Fisker, Miles, and EV Innovations on the near (or semi near?) horizon. We should also see the Smart ED (smarte or smarty?) 100% … Continue reading

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Tesla S Model Saloon

Thanks to the folks at WIRED magazine for coming up with this pic of what the new Tesla S Model may look like. In other Tesla news. I was very disappointed to hear a rumored reason for Darryl Siry’s departure … Continue reading

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Tesla: Racing improves the breed?

Some would think that the last thing people in the oil funded Middle East would want is to do anything that would benefit electric cars. Well, some folks in the United Arab Emirates want to put some of that money … Continue reading


The New THE BIG 3

THE BIG 3 US auto manufacturers are asking for $34 billion from taxpayers. That’s about $92 for every man, woman, and child in the US. Instead, how about each of us swing by our local GM or Chrysler dealer and … Continue reading


Ski Nautique – Tesla Edition

Blogs are a LOT of work! My hat’s off to all those who blog on a regular basis. Now that I’m back from vacation… If Correct Craft had been having conversations with Tesla, makers of the Tesla electric powered sports … Continue reading

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