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It Doesn’t Matter

I often find myself having to re-focus. Not unlike the navy commander who went up to the bridge of his ship every morning and pulled a piece of paper out of a little box, read it, and the refolded it … Continue reading

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Christianity, Statistics, and the misguided chuzpa of Bradley R. E. Wright

A recent USA Today article “Christians question divorce rates of faithful”, began: It’s been proclaimed from pulpits and blogs for years — Christians divorce as much as everyone else in America. But some scholars and family activists are questioning the … Continue reading

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Preventing Sex Offenses III – Alternatives

Note: this is part of an ongoing series on the extremely high rate of sex offenses in the U.S.  This was triggered by several recently involving people close to me. Part I – Guys Can Be Such Jerks Part II … Continue reading

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Preventing Sex Offenses II – Playing With Fire

Part I – Guys Can Be Such Jerks Part II – Who Are Sex Offenders? Preventing Sex Offenses I – Self Prevention An engineer was crossing a road one day, when a frog called out to him and said, “If … Continue reading

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Sweetness and Light – Fiddling While Rome Burns

On sunday our church had its annual giving of Bibles to first graders.  A very cool thing. As I sat there watching these 29 kids I wondered what their lives would be like in 10 or 20 years.  Here’s a … Continue reading

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Preventing Sex Offenses: I – Self Prevention

Part I – Guys Can Be Such Jerks Part II – Who Are Sex Offenders? Note: Accurate statistics regarding sex and sex offenses are extremely difficult to come by.  I have included my best guesstimates based on numerous studies but … Continue reading

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Sex Offenders IIa – Who Are They?

Note: Part I painted a pretty bleak picture.  Two women have commented to me that it leaves them with little hope for men.  One added that a common topic for women is that there are no good men out there … Continue reading

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Understanding Sex Offenders – Part I

Sex offender.  The term sends chills up the spine of most of us. I’ve known a number of sex offenders, including several pastors and church leaders who have been convicted of sex with minors.  I’ve also known many victims.  You … Continue reading


Skins – Blinded By The Light Of The TV.

There are rumors circulating that the British teen drama Skins is likely to get pulled by MTV executives due to advertiser pressure. This is good news. What little I’ve seen of the show and heard, pro and con, leads me … Continue reading

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FLDS: Religious Persecution ?

Teen brides marrying older men isn’t exactly old history for Texas where yesterday the Houston Chronicle noted: ‘State Rep. Harvey Hilderbran became alarmed by reports from Eldorado, former sect members and the Utah attorney general. In 2005 he pushed into … Continue reading

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