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Nautique E – from ‘fiction’ to reality

Hmmm, not sure I’m one to toot my own horn.  But since the boat came out of its bag while I was on vacation…  You saw it here first!  🙂

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Environmentally Concious Drug Smugglers !

In this article on FoxNews we learn that drug smugglers are, if nothing else, Green. My first thought was that if drug smugglers can build an electric boat, certainly our recreational boat companies in the U.S. can. On second thought … Continue reading

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The Problem with Electric Boats

As I’ve noted in several posts on this blog, the day of the all electric recreational boat is coming. It’s actually a more technically and economically feasible deal than electric cars. The drawback? As electric boats become readily available we’ll … Continue reading

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Cloak and … Ski?

While you can’t purchase a Nautique today with audio volume tied to boat speed, that doesn’t mean the fine folks at Correct Craft don’t have the technology. In this case the audio coming out of the system isn’t Mute Math … Continue reading

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Ski Nautique – Tesla Edition

Blogs are a LOT of work! My hat’s off to all those who blog on a regular basis. Now that I’m back from vacation… If Correct Craft had been having conversations with Tesla, makers of the Tesla electric powered sports … Continue reading

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Why Not An Electric Wakeboard Boat ?

Electric cars are starting to pop up. Everything from minimalist Zaps to sporty Tesla’s to Porsche conversions. With petrol now over $4/gallon in the US and higher elsewhere the number of electric cars is increasing rapidly. While there are many … Continue reading

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