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Rethinking the War on Drugs. They just didn’t think.

This article recently appeared splashed across the front of a section in the Wall Street Journal.  To say the least, a bit disappointed that the Journal would publish something this vacuous. They’re spot on with their initial statements; our war … Continue reading

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Dutch Parents vs U.S. Law Enforcement

In the U.S. we spend about $60 billion annually on our drug war, about $213 per capita. That’s $213 each year for each and every person. If you’re a family of four, about $1,000 of your money goes to the … Continue reading

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Dissapointment in John Stossel

It was great to see John Stossel on Bill O’Reilly tonight. I’m not sure if John was completely unprepared or if he was intentionally deferring a bit to Bill in his first appearance on his new network… In any case, … Continue reading

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Bill O’Reilly’s Prostitutes

“Amsterdam is a disaster.” Bill O’Reilly said on his show last night, “And they’ve finally realized it.” O’ Reilly pontificated about Amsterdam finally realizing what a failure their city policies are and are finally doing something about it. O’Reilly promoted … Continue reading

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Amsterdam: Messing up a good thing?

Recent news of Amsterdam’s plans to close a number of brothels and coffeeshops (that sell pot) in the central district raise some interesting questions. Their purpose according to the plan is to clean up the unappealing aspects of their city … Continue reading

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