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Rethinking the War on Drugs. They just didn’t think.

This article recently appeared splashed across the front of a section in the Wall Street Journal.  To say the least, a bit disappointed that the Journal would publish something this vacuous. They’re spot on with their initial statements; our war … Continue reading

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Drug War, Treyvon Martin, and George Zimmerman

Treyvon Martin’s death is a very sad tragedy.  Whether it was murder or self-defense I don’t know, we’ll have to wait to see what evidence comes out in the trial for that.  Whatever the outcome though, it is still a … Continue reading

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Newsweek, Melissa Farley, Bad Journalism, Bad Research

Newsweek recently published The John Next Door, based on the study Comparing Sex Buyers with Men Who Don’t Buy Sex (PDF here). The inaccuracies and issues with this study raise serious questions about the objectivity of the project director, Melissa … Continue reading

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