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Food, Sex, and Self Control

In a survey I asked a bunch of former drug addicts which they believe more difficult to give up; drugs or sex. Female respondents largely said drugs. Male respondents overwhelmingly said sex. I wish I’d asked the same question about … Continue reading


Will posting calories help control obesity?

The one thing in Obama’s healthcare bill that I have been supportive of is the requirement that restaurants post calorie information on menu’s. Panera Bread cafés began doing this recently of their own initiative. Does it work? My wife and … Continue reading

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Obesity, drugs, and self-control

Companies such as Entero-Medics and Leptos Biomedical are striving to develop devices that will curb people’s appetites so they’ll eat less. Eat less, fewer calories, and your weight goes down. It’s really rather simple. What ever happened to basic self-control? … Continue reading


Why Drilling Might Not Be Such A Good Idea.

There are a lot of good options on both sides of this one. I’m a bit of an environmentalist, but I’m also a pragmatist. If it makes sense to drill on-shore or off I don’t think it’s that huge of … Continue reading


Airlines: We’re all treated fairly?

Recently I’ve been doing a good amount of flying, much of it back and forth across the Atlantic. As I checked in for a flight yesterday I was charged for excess baggage weight. I knew that I would be and … Continue reading

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