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Drug War, Treyvon Martin, and George Zimmerman

Treyvon Martin’s death is a very sad tragedy.  Whether it was murder or self-defense I don’t know, we’ll have to wait to see what evidence comes out in the trial for that.  Whatever the outcome though, it is still a … Continue reading

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Preventing Sex Offenses III – Alternatives

Note: this is part of an ongoing series on the extremely high rate of sex offenses in the U.S.  This was triggered by several recently involving people close to me. Part I – Guys Can Be Such Jerks Part II … Continue reading

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Preventing Sex Offenses II – Playing With Fire

Part I – Guys Can Be Such Jerks Part II – Who Are Sex Offenders? Preventing Sex Offenses I – Self Prevention An engineer was crossing a road one day, when a frog called out to him and said, “If … Continue reading

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Newsweek, Melissa Farley, Bad Journalism, Bad Research

Newsweek recently published The John Next Door, based on the study Comparing Sex Buyers with Men Who Don’t Buy Sex (PDF here). The inaccuracies and issues with this study raise serious questions about the objectivity of the project director, Melissa … Continue reading


Rescue Operations: Prostitutes and the Gulf Oil Spill

Time to get myself in trouble again… Have you kept up with the gulf oil spill? Seen the pictures of oil coating plants and animals in the marsh areas? Read stories of the various clean-up operations? Held your breath at … Continue reading

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The Magic of 40,000 Sex Slaves

In the year or so prior to the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan there were sporadic predictions here and there about the numbers of women who would be enslaved and trafficked to meet demand for prostitutes during the … Continue reading

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Politically Incorrect to help those enslaved ?

I’m on vacation (and thus this is unedited), but had this article forwarded to me and wanted to make a comparison. Human Trafficking is a serious problem throughout much of the world, in particular Asia and the Middle-East. Stories of … Continue reading

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