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DHS: Just a bit backwards…

Interestingly, it’s easier to illegally cross the border in to the United States as an illegal alien than it is to legally board a plane as a legal citizen. And this is all thanks to one and the same agency … Continue reading

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TSA Survey Results

As I have time this week and next I’ll post some analysis on the TSA survey. I am also learning new blog software and experiencing some growing pains, particularly with images, so please bare with me 🙂 Today’s post includes … Continue reading

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TSA’s Libido Problem

Note: Survey results hopefully early next week. Warning: the following article may be uncomfortable reading for some. Donna D’ Errico was famous as a ‘Baywatch Babe’ and for posing nude in Playboy. My wife will be glad to know that … Continue reading

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Backscatter Full-Body Scanners Dangerous?

Dr Manny Alvarez, an ob-gyn, put up an article on today stating that there is no danger in the backscatter x-ray scanners. This is not something he can say even remotely conclusively. The fact is that we DO NOT … Continue reading

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Barack and Janet’s Kabuki Theatre for Pedophiles

A follow-up to last Wednesday’s post. For about a decade now we’ve all been participants in Kabuki Theatre every time we fly a commercial flight in the U.S. Security experts overwhelming agree that most of what the TSA does at … Continue reading

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Next Hoop ?

While we’re on Islam and Security… With the latest round of airport security screening changes I can imagine a bunch of Muslims sitting around smoking hooka and falling over laughing at how much control they’ve gained over us. They do … Continue reading

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