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DHS: Just a bit backwards…

Interestingly, it’s easier to illegally cross the border in to the United States as an illegal alien than it is to legally board a plane as a legal citizen.

And this is all thanks to one and the same agency – The Department of Homeland Security, run by the inestimable Janet Napolitano

While one of its hands is groping 6-year-old girls, its other hand is, according to Fox News, telling its U.S. Border Patrol agents to no longer arrest or detain people trying to enter the U.S. illegally.

Quite amazing.

Then this morning the LA Times published an article stating that crossing attempts are down so much that border patrol agents are bored:

Wild foot chases and dust-swirling car pursuits may be the adrenaline-pumping stuff of recruitment efforts, but agents on the U.S.-Mexico border these days have to deal with a more mundane occupational reality: the boredom of guarding a frontier where illegal crossings have dipped to record low levels.

The issue doesn’t appear to be that “illegal crossings have dipped to record low levels”, as this journalist asserts, but that agents have been told not to apprehend them.  And yep, if you tell your agents not to do anything, they’ll get bored.  It’ll be interesting to see the outcome of this one.

Yes, quite Amazing.

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