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Economy: The last thing we need is a ‘Jolt’

In his speech yesterday Obama screamed that our economy needs a ‘jolt’.  It doesn’t.  The last thing we need is a jolt.  Jolts go one way and then the other.  What we need is slow steady solid organic growth that … Continue reading

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Economy: It’s the stagnation stupid

Note: I have turned comments back on.  Hopefully the new spam widget works this time. Obama and other liberals (or progressives or whatever they want to be called this week) keep wanting to pour more money in to the economy … Continue reading

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Obama Becoming Irrelevant ?

Seemingly, President Obama is becoming almost irrelevant. He still holds the office of President of the United States. He still wields a tremendous chunk of power. But he seems to be viewed less and less, even by Democrats and media, … Continue reading

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Mr President: Plug The Damn Hole !

Yesterday, referring to the oil spill President Obama said “Plug the damn hole!” I agree. And it sounds like they’re getting there. The ‘top kill’ they’ve been planning for several weeks seems to be working. Obama seems to get it … Continue reading

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Impact of ObamaCare

A friend of mine runs a local company and made some comments yesterday regarding ObamaCare that I thought interesting. They are taking an immediate write-off of about $90 million due to the loss of deductibility of retiree health benefits. This … Continue reading


Obama: Anti-Semitic? Stupid? Immature?

Barack Obama’s actions towards Israel since becoming POTUS have been quite amazing. What I’m not sure about is if they come from his being Anti-Semitic, Immature, or just plain Stupid. It doesn’t take too much research of the Israeli-Palestinian-Muslim conflict … Continue reading

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Henry Lewis Gates: Service or Disservice to the Black community?

Perhaps not as easy a determination as some might think. At least it’s not for me. Officer Crowley, in uniform and responding to a report of a burglary at Gates house, asked Gates for ID. Rather than provide ID Gates … Continue reading

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Obama endorses Bill Ayers book on CPS

Oops, according to this on Foxnews there is yet one more previously unknown element to Obama’s relationship to William Ayers. This book BTW, endorses some of the same government agencies and tactics as were involved in the raid on the … Continue reading

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Media: This ACORN Too Hot to Handle

Everyone in the Media has some political bias. Even if not a favorite candidate, at least strong preferences on some issues. It’s part of being human. Even the most unbiased reporter will be biased to some extent on some issues. … Continue reading

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Palin vs Obama

There is much that is very interesting about McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin. She hunts moose, runs marathons. and takes on corrupt politicians in her own party. If she were a man she’d be a man’s man. When it comes … Continue reading

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