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Rick Perry Win – Nothing to cheer about.

Rick Perry very handily won the Texas Republican Primary yesterday and did so against Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is often believed to be the most popular politician in Texas. Apparently not. Hutchison is not a fiscal conservative. On that point, … Continue reading


Whatever You Do, Just Don’t Get Married.

I was really struck by this article on Fox News. Before Continuing, read the article. Now, think for a bit about Hugh Hefner’s numerous relationships, often multiple at a time. Think about the environment his children are growing up in. … Continue reading


FLDS: Pots and Kettles and Who’s Calling Who What?

A couple of years ago I met individually with a number of child welfare workers for some research. These are the people who decide if a child should be removed from a home, who write up recommendations for the court … Continue reading

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FLDS: Texas Authorities Snake Bit?

I’ve found it rather interesting that the topic of polygyny has not been mentioned in any of the service plans or, to the best of my knowledge, in any of the custody hearings. There is certainly the possibility that CPS, … Continue reading

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FLDS: Where’d the boys go?

The FLDS site now includes a chart of the gender and ages of those taken in the raid. this represents all of the children (or supposed children) in the YFZ ranch it is interesting to note the relative numbers … Continue reading

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FLDS: Truth in Advertising

Some things just don’t smell right. Today the FLDS website ( began filling in their Q&A section. This included: Q: Are women forced into marriage? A: No. The young girls are taught all their lives that marriage is a sacred … Continue reading

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