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Whatever You Do, Just Don’t Get Married.

I was really struck by this article on Fox News. Before Continuing, read the article.

Now, think for a bit about Hugh Hefner’s numerous relationships, often multiple at a time. Think about the environment his children are growing up in. Of course he’s only legally married to one of these woman, Kimberly Conrad.

Now, think about FLDS families for a minute. They’re certainly far from perfect.

Which environment do you believe is healthier? For the women? The children? Society?

It’s rather fascinating to me how differently our government, society, and the news media treat these two. Sometime, compare how Fox News treats Hugh Hefner and Playboy versus the FLDS. What do you think?

6 Responses to Whatever You Do, Just Don’t Get Married.


    i think you off on that verey much FLDS people are very clean people i feel you need a lot help you shold not talk about flds people bad at all what are you LDS and you think you are a true mormon huh not at all THE FLDS people are true mormons and they are verey good people. you shold be a shame of your self and leve the FLDS aloun.

  2. Crusty

    Excellent points!

  3. kbp


    One is admired by many, the other a crime.

    Maybe it’s because they are openly allowed to make more choices for themselves. Like what they wear, or NOT!

  4. ztgstmv

    The thing that tickles me to death (as an agnostic who scoffs at — but at the same time respects the rights inherent in — other’s sacred ideas), is that Hef’s girlfriend worries that she can’t “marry” Hef because he’s already married. Well, honey, what is “marriage?” What are you worried about? The institution? All that’s holding up this institution is others’ belief in it. If you have Hef’s child, you can still claim child support if you part ways. If you choose to stay with him as you’re doing now, but only as a second “wife,” what’s the substantive difference from the status quo of being his second girlfriend?

    That’s what’s so ridiculous about this whole criminalization of polygamy debate.

  5. The Pharisee

    I have several words. Polygyny is a godly estate, not simply a “tolerated” one. It speaks to the order of creation, and therefore the world doesn’t just reject it, the world hates it.

    For that reason they are blatant in their hypocrisy.

  6. ztgstmv

    I think of one word: hypocrisy.

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