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Republicans Are Dead Wrong On Obamacare

Republicans and Fox News are missing an important element of Obamacare. A huge number of people will go on the exchanges and decide that they really like Obamacare: For many this will be the first time they’ve been able to afford … Continue reading

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Holder And The Thieves

Attorney General Eric Holder recently wanting to meet with representatives of the press to negotiate how he’ll conduct future investigations involving them is like a thief meeting with neighbors after robbing one to negotiate how he’ll conduct future robberies. Only … Continue reading

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DHS: Just a bit backwards…

Interestingly, it’s easier to illegally cross the border in to the United States as an illegal alien than it is to legally board a plane as a legal citizen. And this is all thanks to one and the same agency … Continue reading

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FoxNews: Fair and Balanced Misinformation?

This morning on Fox News a reporter in their series on legalizing pot made a statement to Bill Hemmer that “The Netherlands has closed down thousands of pot dispensaries because of crime and illegal activity.” Really? Thousands closed? In 1997 … Continue reading

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The biggest unreported event at CPAC

The line, often 3 people wide, snaked down the hallway, around a corner, dodged a glass table, and mooned the hotel lobby. Groups here and there made up of the 8,000 attendees of CPAC saw some of their cohorts in … Continue reading

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