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The Lane Width Revenue Spigot

This is one I’m surprised I hadn’t found out about earlier Cities and Counties (not sure about states) have a trick for increasing revenue from speeding tickets when they can’t find enough speeders – increase lane width. Most of us … Continue reading

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Mike Gallagher. Going off on cyclists. Again

Got in my car this morning and the first thing I hear is Michael Gallagher once again going off on cyclists.  This time concerning a proposed Florida law that would compel cyclists to always use a bike lane if available … Continue reading

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Mike Gallagher’s Immature Hypocrisy

Mike Gallagher is a conservative radio talk show host. A few years ago he’d risen to as high as about 9th in the nation, but due to some rather idiotic comments sunk back to about 20th and now sits in … Continue reading

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American Toughs

For exercise I ride my bike. The two wheels with pedals variety. My knees won’t let me play football or run anymore so cycling (and skiing in the winter) is my primary exercise. And it’s a very enjoyable one. I … Continue reading

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