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Palin vs Obama

There is much that is very interesting about McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin. She hunts moose, runs marathons. and takes on corrupt politicians in her own party. If she were a man she’d be a man’s man. When it comes to macho she outmans both Obama and Biden.

What I’m finding perhaps the most interesting though is that she is most often being compared, not to her VP rival Joe Biden, but to the leader of the Democratic ticket – Barack Obama. Everyone is talking about who between Obama and Palin has the most pertinent experience. Which one of these two is most prepared to be Commander-In-Chief? Does Obama or Palin have the best understanding of our economy? Does Palin or Obama have the better grasp of our energy situation? If we face another terror incident do we want Obama or Palin calling the shots?

Sarah Palin isn’t being compared to Joe Biden and Obama supporters don’t want to compare Obama to John McCain. Everyone wants to compare Obama to Palin. What does this say about the two tickets?

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