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Backscatter Full-Body Scanners Dangerous?

Dr Manny Alvarez, an ob-gyn, put up an article on today stating that there is no danger in the backscatter x-ray scanners. This is not something he can say even remotely conclusively. The fact is that we DO NOT KNOW what the potential harm from these machines is. Ionizing radiation with Backscatter is very different from standard medical x-rays. There is currently NO public testing information available on these machines, let alone peer reviewed studies. There have been a number of concerns raised by radiologists and others that have not be addressed.

Of further concern is that TSA will not allow either it’s own employees or airline passengers to wear a Dosimeter around the machines.

These machines may be just as safe as TSA says they are (if so, why not allow the Dosimeters?). But they may be far more dangerous. We simply do not know at this time so going through one (or working beside one as many TSA employees do) is fairly risky at this point.

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