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Ski Nautique – Tesla Edition

Blogs are a LOT of work! My hat’s off to all those who blog on a regular basis. Now that I’m back from vacation…

If Correct Craft had been having conversations with Tesla, makers of the Tesla electric powered sports car, for the past 18 to 20 months and perhaps had begun development on an electric powered tow boat, a modified 206 perhaps, what kinds of things might we be hearing?

That despite their desire to fit the motor completely under the floor thus completely eliminating the engine hump in the middle, they had been unable to do so. An 8” hump is almost worse and is more dangerous than the full engine hump. Well, apparently the motor actually does fit but there’s a heat problem. Fortunately nothing a water cooling jacket wasn’t able to fix.

Decisions, decisions… Fewer batteries means a lighter boat and a lighter boat means a better wake for slalom. Even a better wake than any slalom boat ever. But fewer batteries also means less time on the water between charges. OK, this one wasn’t that difficult – let the customer decide. 3 battery compartments on each side with optional ballast tanks for any that aren’t used. Those looking for the absolute best wake only put batteries in one on each side, others can choose to fill 4 compartments or all 6. One major advantage is that this is all easily configured by most dealers so the customer can choose and the dealer can deliver.

OK, the battery thing wasn’t really all that simple because ideally each configuration actually calls for slight modifications to the hull design for optimum performance and this isn’t something that hydro-gates or similar levers can accomplish. But 90% of the benefit can be achieved with 2 small modifications to the hull design and thanks to modern epoxies this can also be done by dealers via inserts that are cemented in place depending on battery configuration.

The final major issue is the fun one. The boat is over-powered. In initial trials drivers had to be very careful not to rip the rope out of people’s hands. Well, nothing that some software changes for a more ‘normal’ torque curve couldn’t solve.

And speaking of software defined torque curves, one unexpected benefit is the ability to make quick micro-adjustments to speed not possible with gas powered engines. Fine tuning with Zero-Off speed control promises the smoothest ride and pull ever. And yes, there is the potential that users will be able to select from a handful of curves on the fly to suit their own personal tastes.

So, when will we see this wonderful boat? Not anytime soon. Firstly, the above is all fiction anyway. Second, Correct Craft have a reputation to uphold and developing this boat to their high quality standards will take a bit more fine-tuning and then getting all of the appropriate approvals will take some time beyond that. BUT, once it does become available expect the best towboat ever for your $110,000.

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