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Death of Internal Combustion Engines ?

This morning I heard an interview on the radio with an executive of Ford Motor Co. Interestingly, the bulk of the interview turned in to him defending the internal combustion engine. At least 3 times he said “it’s not dead yet, it has a lot of life left in it.” Well, it certainly has some, but based on this interview, “a lot” might be a stretch. Nissan won’t be able to make Leaf’s fast enough to meet demand for at least 3 years. There appears similar clambering for Mercedes’ electric Smart, Tesla’s S, Mitsubishi’s MiEV, and electric vehicles announced from BMW, Porsche, Toyota, and others. Even Chevy is seeing demand for it’s Volt.

It’ll be interesting to see what percent of new cars sold in 10 years are internal combustion vs electric.

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