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CBS, Star-Tribune, Turn on Obama

It started over the weekend when SNL included some of the most anti-Democrat-policy skits ever to broach their halls. Most at the expense of Obama and Obamacare.

Yesterday’s Star-Tribune included the headline (in moderately larger than normal type just below the masthead) “MNsure costs steeper in some areas”. The article itself sounded almost like it was lifted right out of the New York Post. This from a newspaper nicknamed ‘The Red-Star’ for it’s socialist leanings.

Above the fold on the Metro section was a headline “Taxpayers to pay $60k in legal fees” referring to costs awarded to a group of home childcare folks who sued Governor Dayton, and won, over his efforts to unionize them. And yes, for those outside of MN, Dayton did indeed attempt, with considerable effort, to unionize people who run a childcare out of their home.


This morning it was the turn of CBS. You’d be forgiven if you checked the channel thinking that you’d accidentally switched to Fox News Channel. A Billion “with a B” wasted taxpayer money was rolling off their tongues with only a slight hint at a choke as they said it.









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