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Sequester Overreaction – Some Perspective

The overreaction from both sides as we approach sequester is quite amazing.

For a bit of perspective, consider this. Sequester is the same as a 50 employee company who was hoping to hire a new person not being able to. Imagine you work for a 50 employee company and your boss calls everyone together and says that, due to the economy, income hasn’t been as high as they’d hoped and while they’d hoped to hire a new person and give all existing employees raises, they’ll only be able to do one of these and they’ve decided to give everyone raises and hold off on the new hire. Sounds pretty reasonable. In fact, many people have gone through much worse at their companies in the past few years. ONLY getting raises and not getting a new employee probably sounds pretty good to a lot of people in the private sector.

Imagine if instead your boss came in screaming that the because income didn’t increase as much as they’d hoped that the company was in dire straights and would have to lay off a bunch of employees and cut the wages of those left and would have to cut healthcare and customers would be angry of this and they’d start to leave and they’d probably file lawsuits and oh what a terrible horrible thing this is.

Janet Nepolitano is screaming that our national security will be in danger and that people need to get to airports hours earlier because of TSA shortages and this and that and all kinds of horrible things. HER BUDGET IS INCREASING! She’ll have 1.2% more in 2013 than in 2012. She and all these others are pitching temper tantrums because they’re not getting as much more as they wanted. She won’t have to lay off any employees, she just won’t be able to hire more if she also wants to give raises to all of her current employees. Consider TSA. Walk through an airport and notice how many TSA employees are working and how many are standing around. She should be able to absorb cuts of 20% – 50% without any impact in service levels.

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