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Obama Birth Certificate – I Don’t Get It

Barack Hussein Obama II released his birth certificate today. After over three years of controversy.

I’d expected that if he ever did release it that it would likely show that he was born in Hawaii, but include something mildly embarrassing, like no father listed on it. But, there’s nothing out of the ordinary about it!  Both parents listed.  Everything just as he’s claimed for all this time.  I don’t get it.

If there had been something embarrassing I’d kind of understand his not wanting to release it. I’d get that. Maybe not agree with it, but I’d get it. But now I don’t get it. Why did Obama cause this controversy? Why didn’t he authorize the release during the 2008 campaign?

Is this just some perverse game that he enjoys?  Is there some point he was hoping to make?  I don’t get it.

In his press conference this morning Obama castigated people for making an issue over it.  He made a big show of self-righteous anger about how we need to get past this issue and how we have more important things to deal with.  Like the budget.  I agree.  But, he could have ended this three years ago.  Or anytime over the past three years.  Why not?  I simply don’t get it.


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