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Varying Modesty and TSA’s Impact On Teens

What may seem fine in the world of John Pistole, Janet Napolitano, and Barack Obama, may not be so fine in the world of you or me.

Modesty is an interesting thing. Generally most males don’t give a rip who sees them nude, women tend to lean a bit more towards the reticent side. But there are people of both genders who run the gamut from absolute terrifying fear to overly outgoing exhibitionists. Are those on the terrifying fear end supposed to stop flying?

How about people who have been raped or sexually assaulted and for whom either of the new options could be prohibitively traumatic? Are these people just not supposed to ever fly again? What did they do to deserve this?

There is also an interesting inter-personal thing with couples. Many men are more protective of their wives and girlfriends bodies than their wives and girlfriends are. For many couples going through Barack and Janet’s Kabuki Theatre, the guy will be far more bothered than his girl over some other guy seeing her nude or someone groping her vagina and boobs in public.

I wonder too about the impact on teen girls. Will a 14-year-old girl who has gone through Janet’s new TSA a number of times on family trips get so de-sensitized to others touching her or seeing her nude, so routinely, that a sexting request for a picture or some guys roaming whatever will seem more normal than perhaps it should? “Fifty guys at the airport have seen me nude, what’s the harm in one more?” Teen guys may be salivating at the gift TSA is giving them*.

Put these last two issues together and what do you get? A boyfriend convincing your daughter that other guys have seen her body, but he hasn’t. And he’s her boyfriend, so why them and not him? Same for getting to feel her up.

What could possibly be the unintended consequences of these new policies?

* I realize that many teen girls are already pretty quick to send a guy a pic of herself nude or let guys do whatever with her body. Many, and perhaps most, aren’t so quick though. This is about the latter.

2 Responses to Varying Modesty and TSA’s Impact On Teens

  1. Crusty

    Rachel, I think many guys are just like your husband. Great blog BTW!

  2. Rachel

    AGREE! AGREE! AGREE! My husband already is getting very upset at the idea of me going through screening. I am large chested and he feels like some sick TSA agents might enjoy seeing that. He's maybe a little paranoid, but how do we know the TSA agent groping us isn't turned on (same sex or not)? I've already been subjected to the PRIOR extra screening pat down and was uncomfortable (I opted to remove the bra camp style under my shirt and walk through again). My underwire bra kept setting off the metal detector.

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