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Varying Modesty and TSA’s Impact On Teens

What may seem fine in the world of John Pistole, Janet Napolitano, and Barack Obama, may not be so fine in the world of you or me. Modesty is an interesting thing. Generally most males don’t give a rip who … Continue reading


Will Muslims Be Screened Only By Other Muslims ?

CAIR has filed a complaint against TSA that the new procedures violate Islamic teachings. Yesterday rumors started floating around Washington that Barack and Janet were working on a solution. Will the solution be that passengers who opt out of the … Continue reading

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Full Body Scans Provide NO Additional Safety !!

For anyone who has missed it in all of the articles floating around. Full-Body Scans and Enhanced Pat-Downs provide NO additional security or safety. They will detect a few things that the old system didn’t but they will not detect … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Get Any Better

Many things get easier each time we do them. The more I tie my shoes, the easier it gets. Same with a bow tie when I used to wear one. The more I use my camera the easier it gets … Continue reading

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Barack and Janet’s Kabuki Theatre for Pedophiles

A follow-up to last Wednesday’s post. For about a decade now we’ve all been participants in Kabuki Theatre every time we fly a commercial flight in the U.S. Security experts overwhelming agree that most of what the TSA does at … Continue reading

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Next Hoop ?

While we’re on Islam and Security… With the latest round of airport security screening changes I can imagine a bunch of Muslims sitting around smoking hooka and falling over laughing at how much control they’ve gained over us. They do … Continue reading

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TSA and what we can look forward to with healthcare

Yesterday I flew in to Chicago O’Hare to connect with a flight to Amsterdam. I had an hour and thirty minute connection which shouldn’t have been a problem… Well, TSA in terminal 5, the international terminal, was a cluster to … Continue reading

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Full Body Scanners? IR Scanners? Effective?

One of the loudest responses to the Christmas Day Muslim crotch bomber has been the call for full-body scanners in airports. One side touts how this will detect these types of bombs and another side screams about privacy concerns. There’s … Continue reading

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