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If NFL and Patriots won’t take action, fans should

Did Tom Brady cheat? Likely.

I find it impossible to believe that a quarterback at his level would not have realized that the balls he was using were under inflated. Over the years there’ve been numerous stories of lessor quarterbacks complaining that a ball was a 1/4 pound under or 1/4 pound over what they desired and gauges showed the quarterback to be spot on. These guys know their footballs.

Personally I have no interest in watching a cheater. I love football games but it’s no longer a game when someone cheats and no longer holds any interest.

If the NFL and Patriots won’t take action then we should. Attending a game that Tom Brady is playing in is our endorsement of his cheating and of others cheating. We shouldn’t endorse cheating and we shouldn’t attend any game that Brady plays in.

Brady should go the way of Lance Armstrong and Tanya Harding.


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