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Michael Gallagher — Going Off Half Cocked and Brainless

I heard a bit of Michael Gallagher’s radio show this morning. He was talking about the problem of South American children crossing our southern border without their parents.


Gallagher’s question was “What kind of parent would do this?”  He went on to talk about reports that many of these parents have given their daughters, some as young as 9 years old, birth control pills prior to their journey in case they’re raped along the way.

Gallagher answered his own question labeling these parents a long string of negative descriptors such as ‘rotten’ and others I can’t remember.

The question he should be asking is what kind of situation are these parents in that they would do something like this? Are these actually quite loving parents but with a future ahead for their children that is much worse than sending them off to be smuggled across the border in to the United States by people who very likely will rape them?

I’ve talked to people who’ve had to make choices like this and whose circumstances were such for their children that sending them off like this was a better and rational option.

Gallagher should limit his judgement for things he knows something about. Or better yet, stop judging.

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