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Florida State—A Bittersweet Victory

The Florida State vs Auburn game was probably the best BCS Championship game of the BCS era and will likely remain one of the best of all championship games.  Sadly, it is tainted with the reported rape of a girl by Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston. 

The overwhelming opinion of LE and attorneys I’ve had discussions with about this case is that this very likely was a case of rape. This includes a couple who seem quite skeptical of any reported rape (understandable given that about half of all reports of rape are found to be false). None have any knowledge of the case beyond what is publicly available.

The good news is that the attorney for the victim has said that they will be filing a civil suit against Winston and against the investigating law enforcement agency. Hopefully through this suit, if Winston did rape this girl, he will be held at least somewhat accountable and his career as an athlete and public figure ended. (If he is proven innocent I’ll be one of the first to celebrate with him. I find false rape allegations just as disgusting as rape.)

That our country places so much importance on the winning of a football game that we are willing to allow football players and other athletes to rape young girls is disgusting. The recent incident in Steubenville, OH where several local high school football players repeatedly raped a young girl and, even with considerable evidence publicly available, were defended by the people of Steubenville, is sadly, not unusual. The major difference being that there has been enough evidence in Steubenville to prosecute, not just the athletes, but also a number of the adults who were aware of what happened and covered it up.

I’m sure many of the adults in Steubenville and elsewhere who so willing condone rape by athletes would condemn me for calling for the legalization of prostitution. There is a very vast difference though, between a consensual act of prostitution, as unappealing as it may be, and the rape of innocent girls. 

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