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Are sidewalks and bike lanes important?


Cycle track

I recently overheard some realtors discussing how best to help people relocating to our metro from other cities.  What intrigued me most was a comment to stay away from X, Y, and other northeastern suburbs because younger couples won’t buy there.

This concerned me because I live in X.

The gist of the conversation was that younger couples value being able to walk and bike to local stores and such. We apparently don’t have as good of sidewalks and bike lanes as southern parts of our city and southern suburbs. 

According to two of these realtors, many couples will be interested in houses they’re shown in our area, but then loose interest quickly when they realize the not so great walking and cycling infrastructure. They’ll pay considerably more for the same house where they can more easily and safely walk and bike to the store or their kids can bike to school

Not very encouraging to hear that our city isn’t so desirable.

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