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Antiquated TV restrictions

TV programming has traditionally been licensed based on geography. That was fine when programming was broadcast over local airwaves. Today though we have more and more content broadcast over the Internet which is completely geography free.

Well, except when TV programming is concerned. Various bike races are available on the internet, but are, thanks to antiquated rules, limited to viewing only within specific geographic areas.

It’s time to do away with these. There are english speakers scattered throughout the world. In the U.S. we have millions of people who speak a variety of other languages (if you doubt this, just try to order something at Wendy’s). Perhaps Sky’s coming NowTV will break through antiquity and gain rights from ASO and others to broadcast a worldwide english language broadcast of races (and other sports).

NOTE: Yes, I am very aware that I’m behind on the Sex Offender series.  Paying projects do have to get priority so hopefully I’ll get the next article out early next week.


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