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Herman Cain. A lot is being made about some still rather unknown allegations of sexual misconduct.  Rumors range from him inviting a woman up to his hotel room to making an offending gesture with his hands.  Considering the history of U.S. Presidents, he needs to do a lot more than just invite someone to his hotel room to qualify for President.

Clinton’s list of gropes and sexual trysts is near legendary.  However, he pales in comparison to John F. Kennedy who likely tops the list of presidential cads.  Clinton probably can’t even make the top 50%.  And if you think Romney, Perry, and others don’t have a past?

Occupy Wall Street. Doing some very very quick analysis.  The worst off OWS protester, assuming they live in the U.S., is in the top 14% of the world economy – better off than at least 86% of the people in the rest of the world.  What exactly is their complaint?  Most are probably in the top 4%, better off than 96% of the people in the world.  Why are they so focused on their position in the top 4% instead of the plight of the other 96%?

Just that they are living in the U.S. means that from an opportunity standpoint they are in about the top 5%.  In no other country would any of the OWS folk have a better opportunity to a higher standard of living.  They complain about the top 1% vs. the other 99%, but consider how many of those in the top 1% were a born a part of the 99%.  Almost every single one of them.

Bill Gates grew up at about the 90th percentile, Warren Buffet about the 80th, Larry Ellison at about the 20th percentile.  Charles and David Koch in about the 60th percentile, but their parents were in about the 15th.  George Soros (an apparent financier of OWS) was a Hungarian Jew who endured and hid from the Nazi’s in WWII, immigrated to England, worked his way through university, immigrated to the U.S., and made his fortune.  Four of the top 10 are Walton’s, descendents of Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart.  Sam grew up on a small farm.  Now look where his grandchildren are.

Steve Jobs grew up at about the 65th percentile.  Herman Cain at about the 25th percentile.

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