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Slutwalk: Shortsighted and ignorant

Boston SlutWalk. Photo: Josh Reynolds/AP

A couple of quick points on the recent Slutwalk epidemic.

As I pointed out in Sex Offenders – Part I, I don’t think most guys are any more or less likely to rape someone or try to coax them in to sex based on what they’re wearing. Guys do a very good job of getting themselves worked up regardless. Burqa or Bikini makes little difference.

HOWEVER, what these women are being short-sighted on is that they don’t have any idea, of all of the guys out there, which ones are likely sex offenders and which are not. They don’t know which may not have the self control or understanding to not get the wrong message based on what she is wearing.

When I’m driving I should be able to count on every other car always obeying the laws. That’s a grossly unreal expectation. Most do obey the laws, but occasionally one doesn’t. So, we have to drive defensively, whether we like it or not. It’s the worst 2% of drivers that we have to watch out for. Or we could pay with our life or some other harm.

Likewise, it’s the worst 12% or so of guys that women have to watch out for. Or they could pay with their life or being raped or other sexual assault. The perp should get his due, regardless of how the woman was dressed or not dressed, and hopefully he will. That will not, in any way, undo her having been killed or raped or assaulted though.

What these women are asking for is a change in guys sexual nature.  Good luck.

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