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A funny (or not so) way to meet

This morning I was in my favorite café happily working away. As sometimes happens a fly was buzzing around my cappuccino and I’d swat him (or her?) away. This was a cunning fly. On her final attempt she (I know now, because as I said, she’s cunning – he’s simply aren’t that cunning) buzzed high for a bit and then swooped down low ready for me to swat her away.

Just as I began my move she smiled and dive bombed in to my cappuccino. Intent on getting her I adjusted my aim. Bad mistake. Very bad mistake.

If you haven’t pictured it already, my cappuccino went flying – all over the guy next to me. One of the more embarrassing moments in my life. I was horrified. I began apologizing and grabbing napkins as fast as I could.

This guy was extremely gracious. Amazingly gracious. He said he recognized me and not to worry about it – stuff like this happens sometimes. Wow. I fear I would have been giving me the evil stare if not calling me a buffoon.

We ended up talking for a bit and had a few things in common like both being Christians. He’d graduated from the same high school as my son, his sister went to university in the same country, Scotland, as my son, we’d crossed paths at a couple of churches, and a few other things.

I learned that he’d recently graduated from Regent University and wants to produce films. Funny, I just so happen to have a contact or two in the film industry for him.

And I continue to hope he’ll forgive me for so stupidly spraying my cappuccino all over he and his laptop.

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