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Graduates: Why Worry About A Job, We Have Other Peoples Money!

A couple of days ago, during lunch, I overheard an interesting conversation at the table next to me.  Two girls who are graduating from Notre Dame next month.

The first part of the conversation revolved around their drinking plans during an upcoming vacation.  We’re talking pretty in-depth planning here.  Sadly, I think the primary purpose of their vacation is to drink.

It was the second half of their conversation that interested me the most though.  One of the girls commented that she was getting concerned that she hadn’t found a job yet.  The other replied that she wasn’t too worried.  “I’ll just apply for assistance until something I like comes along.”

The next ten minutes revolved around the various government options available to them, including their disgust that they can’t apply for unemployment (because they’ve yet to be employed in the first place).  “That’s not fair” they said.

And we wonder why so much of our resources go to government entitlement programs.  If two girls graduating from a well regarded university feel so entitled to others money until something they like just comes along, what’s someone with lesser prospects to do?

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