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Christmas Trees and Prostitutes

Fun story from my brother who owns a nursery and garden center. His is a very seasonal business and requires a lot of seasonal help. During the summer he hires college students and K-12 teachers which works very well for all. A tougher time is leading up to Christmas.

In early December he needs people for a few weeks to deliver Christmas trees and set them up in people’s houses. High school and university types aren’t yet available and many people who are available, well, there’s a reason they’re available. And it’s not their great work ethic.

However, several years ago he’d hired a man who turned out to be a great employee. He was dependable, worked hard, and customers loved him. The next year he recommended a friend and he too turned out to be a great employee. For the next several years my brother hired both these gentlemen to deliver trees and everyone from he to his customers were quite happy.

Then one day it happened. Another employee figured out that while driving between deliveries these guys were on the phone setting up appointments. For ‘their girls’

Apparently there is one business that, while very busy most of the year, slows down a bit leading up to Christmas. Tree delivery fit perfectly. They earned enough extra money to tide them over during the slow period, yet could still set up appointments between deliveries.

My brother said that it was very reluctantly that he decided not to hire them again next year. “They were two of my best employees” he said.

Their gig up, there was no need to pretend anymore. When they showed up for their final paycheck, instead of their usual overalls, they were wearing ‘the uniform’ including tight white leather pants and were driving a truly pimped out Cadillac Escalade. They didn’t quite fit the caricature, but apparently didn’t leave you wondering what their real job was.

They thanked my brother for being a great boss all these years and even told him they’d cover a date for him if he ever wanted. He declined their generous offer.

Thanks to for the pimp!

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