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I hope everyone had an enjoyable New Years and is recovering well from the holidays.

This is an exciting week for me.  My son surprised me with a  Christmas present of an awesome new website for Crusty Logic (this very one!).  Something I’ve wanted for some time.  One feature he included is an about page which is forcing me to actually document what Crusty Logic is all about.  A good and long overdue exercise, but also one that is surprisingly very challenging.  I hope to have that and a few other things completed and a move to the new site by this Friday!

Next priority is to get results of the TSA survey up.  One quickie.  There appears to be an interesting and fairly significant difference in the level of concern over TSA issues expressed by respondents from TripAdvisor compared to all other respondents.  TripAdvisor respondents, overall and within frequent flyer bands, indicate far less concern about issues of radiation, groping pat-downs, someone seeing them nude, or of TSA potentially violating our Constitution or privacy rights.  I wouldn’t have been surprised to see this difference when comparing people who fly a lot versus those who fly very little, but I was rather surprised to find a noticeable difference like this within a band, for instance, those who fly between 20 and 25 roundtrips per year.

See you Friday!

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