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NOOD’s impact & very quick survey results

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All media and the TSA are reporting zero problems at TSA checkpoints today with lines much shorter than normal. NOOD, National Opt-Out Day, must be a failure.

Not. A few key points. By all appearances the number of people flying today seems at an all time pre-Thanksgiving low. Until actual stats come in this is purely anecdotal, but it seems a lot of people have stayed away from air travel because of TSA. I’ll also note that Amtrak is busier than ever with many media outlets reporting a lot of traveler stating that they’re choosing alternatives to their normal air travel because of TSA.

Second point – TSA are not using the full-body scanners. Reports from across the nation are that the scanners are either not being used at all or only very sporadically. Clearly TSA got a message this past week.

OK, some very quick survey results starting with the race to see what forum generates the most responses.

Tripadvisor: 490
Flyertalk: 28
Thirtythousandfeet: 2 2
Crusty Logic: 5*
No Response: 187

* I assume that a major portion of the No Responses are actually Crusty Logic folk since I didn’t add this question until 5 days after the survey went up – so I’ll give myself a nominal second place 🙂

Brief top responses:

91.2% US
2.2% Canada, OZ, Switzerland.
Plus respondents from 18 other countries

53% male
41% female
3% homosexual male

14 Domestic R/T
3 Int’l R/T
28 trips through TSA per year
22% have been through full-body
73% have opted out

55% of travel is business, 45% is leisure

Impact on future travel:
35% eliminating future air travel until TSA changes
12% reduce air travel by 80%
10% reduce by 60%
23% reduce by 40%

68% of those who’ve been through new TSA procedures multiple times say that it gets more difficult emotionally with each time, 31% say it stays the same.

A very quick calc of the stats indicates that 73% of respondents fly at least 4 round-trips per year thus at least nominal frequent flyers (I should have included a question on silver/gold/plat status – oh well).

Note: That 35% eliminating future travel seems rather high. Other numbers are not out of reality.

More later

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