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TSA Survey

OK, finally got the survey up. It’s rough, but should do the job. When I get time I’ll set up a results page in the survey engine, but until then I’ll post aggregate results here.

Click here to take survey

2010.11.20 Results – Sorry it’s taken me so long post these. Very briefly, 41% male, 59% female, 88% US citizens, Avg age = 43. Avg 22 trips through TSA per year. Feelings about someone seeing you or spouse nude = very bothered. Seeing daughter nude = between very bothered and terrified. Feelings about grouping; you = very bothered, spouse between very bothered and terrified, daughter = terrified (understandably). Concerns about radiation between No Concern and Very Bothered (somewhat surprising its this low). More on responses for actual TSA experiences later along with updates to the above.

Several people suggested a question on how much of people’s travel is leisure vs business and if the new TSA will impact future travel. Great ideas. Both added.

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