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Questioning God’s Word – Is OK.

A woman once said to me “there are some things in the Bible that you just shouldn’t question.”

Why? What is she afraid will happen?

Many people take a somewhat passive approach to Bible study. They read it, think about what they’ve read, maybe read a commentary on the passage, hopefully pray about what they’ve read, and that’s about it. This is good. And we should all do this. “But” as Billy Mays often said, “wait, there’s more.”

I take a slightly different tack and one many contemporary Christians often don’t care for. Along with passive study, I’ll often use sort of a ‘devil’s advocate’ approach. I’ll take a position (and one that is often contrary to our Christian pop culture) and see what God’s Word has to say about it. I’ll cover anything from smoking pot or drinking alcohol to pre-marital sex or church attendance.

It’s interesting the fear people have that God’s Word might actually say that whatever their favorite sin is – isn’t really a sin. Why, that would take some of the fun out of judging others.

If ever there was a manuscript that can withstand questioning (and attacks), the Bible is it. And you know what? We just might learn a few things from God in the process.

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