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A Flight Attendant Who Needs To Grow Up !

This guy who lost his cool and then slid down the emergency chute with a couple of beers in his hands.

People seem to either revile him or worship him. I just think he needs to grow up.

His job is frustrating. He snapped and said some stuff he shouldn’t have to a passenger and then over the intercom. I get it.

It’s his next step where I have a problem. He could have stepped back for a moment, apologized to all the passengers for his rant, and then pleaded for a few weeks or months off before maybe coming back to work. Next best, he could simply have done nothing. Just stopped, gone to the back of the plane or elsewhere, and done nothing.

But stealing a couple of beers, pulling the emergency slide handle, and going for a slide? Really? Time for him to grow up and act like a man instead of a 7-year-old child.

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