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Mike Huckabee: Truthfulness and Accuracy?

Tonight on his Foxnews show Mike Huckabee told a wonderful story about Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Alexander Fleming (discoverer of Penicillin). And that’s just what it is, a story. But Huckabee told it as if it were as true as the sun coming up in the morning.

Now this isn’t that major of a deal. I don’t think this story had any bearing on anything, just a fun story. At most is just indicates that Huckabee is rather sloppy in his pursuit of truthfulness and accuracy.

Several weeks ago he devoted a fair amount of his program to a discussion of ‘a church in Ocean Grove, NJ that had been ordered by a NJ Court to allow a gay couple to use it’s pavilion to marry.’ This was, best case, a huge stretch of the truth and a big load of hyperbole. Most reasonable people would deem it simply misleading and lying. The pavilion in question was actually a public facility, not privately owned and maintained by the church. This was NOT a case of government interference with a private church as Huckabee led his audience to believe.

Huckabee claims to be a Christian. As Christians it is absolutely critical that we strive to be completely truthful and accurate in everything that we say – especially when we’re saying it to an audience the size of Huckabee’s. It’s one thing when we spout off without thinking to a few friends, something I’ve been guilty of far too often, it’s another when we do it in a planned way to mislead people as Huckabee did.

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