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Are Texans Simply Unconscionable?

While one hand was busy taking nearly 500 children from their parents at the YFZ ranch, disabled citizens in it’s care were dying by the other hand, according to the US Justice Department’s division on human rights. This is the 3rd similar report by the US Justice Department in the past 3 years looking in to severe problems in Texas’ state run schools for the disabled. The report, issued this past week, noted over 500 allegations of abuse, neglect, and other mistreatment of residents over a single 3-month period in July through September of this year. The report said that there were 50 deaths that are normally considered routinely preventable.

“We have concluded that numerous conditions and practices at the facilities violate the constitutional and federal statutory rights of their residents.” wrote Grace Chung Becker, an assistant attorney general in the civil rights division of the US Justice Department.

Violating people’s human rights is becoming routine for Texas authorities.

Could the $14 million wasted on the YFZ raid have helped prevent these needless deaths and incidences of abuse? Could some of the resources used on the YFZ raid possibly have been focused instead on real problems in Texas? The folks in Texas really need to get their priorities straight. Focusing on their own petty bigotry while their citizens are in harms way is unconscionable.

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