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Physics: The Trajectory of Water

Gravity and trajectory are interesting things. Normally water drops straight down towards the earth. That’s what we expect it to do. When we turn on a faucet we expect the water to come out of the faucet into the sink below. If however, the sprayer is in it’s holder and locked on, water may actually defy gravity. You turn the water on to fill your teapot and instead of the water obeying gravity it comes out of the sprayer with great force. Much of it doesn’t fully obey gravity until it hits some other object such as a range, cabinet, oven, microwave or similar unobstructable element of our world. And that water moving with such great force across space can find even the smallest of gaps – namely what was previously thought to be a tiny gap between pantry doors hiding all forms of canned goods.

Our brains are interesting things too. Realization, resolution, and action don’t happen all that fast. Yes brain, there is water moving at great force across space. Pause Yes, turning the water off will be a good idea. Pause. OK, as the Nike commercial says, let’s just do it.

The island remained dry however, my body saved it from the fate of other cabinets.

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