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FLDS: Financial Costs

The Deseret News today published this article stating that the costs to the State of Texas thus far are about $14 million. That’s a lot of money to most of us, just not to many politicians and law enforcement.

The article did say that the State of Texas does expect the costs to rise as more invoices come in, as more is done on the case, and they do expect to pay out several million dollars to FLDS and others in litigation.

What costs may not be included?

– Costs for caring for children already in foster care who were dislocated to make room for the FLDS children.

– Opportunity costs of Texas Government employees being side-tracked to work on this case instead of their normal jobs. What of their work didn’t get done? What children truly in need of protection didn’t get it? What crimes were committed because so many in law enforcement were at the YFZ ranch or working on other aspects of this case? What children already in CPS’ care didn’t get the care they needed because CPS was consumed with the FLDS raid?

– Opportunity costs of having so many attorneys doing pro-bono work for FLDS children and families? What work of theirs didn’t get done in the meantime? What was the cost to their families of their being away from home to work on this?

– Costs to FLDS families in gas, hotel, and food as they drove all over Texas to visit their children?


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