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Bad days for vice

Today came word that J. Palfrey, the DC Madam, appears to have committed suicide after being found guilty, not of prostitution, but of using the mail service to, well, mail things. Had the money she mailed been earned making porn films or telling old folks that they needed to send in $50 for a bottle of miracle water all would have been fine, but since the money was believed (she was never convicted of prostitution) to have come from prostitution (of consensual adults), well… Hers is the second apparent suicide from this same investigation as a woman who worked for her and was also a University professor apparently killed herself as well when her extra job was revealed.

Conspiracy theorists waisted no time claiming that Palfrey had not committed suicide but was killed to keep her from revealing names as part of a sentencing plea deal. She had over 15,000 customers in a 10 year period and many are believed to be fairly high ranking government and related folk.

This follows by a day the story of Susan LaFevre who, when she was 19 in 1974, got busted for Heroin and was sentenced to 10-20 years. This after she’d been told a guilty plea would likely result in 1 year probation since this was her first offense. Well, after a year in jail she managed to escape, moved to California, reformed her life, and over the past 32 years got married and had a number of children. By all accounts she did reform herself and has led a production life ever since. The authorities are saying that she now needs to serve at least 9 years of her original sentence though may get a few more tacked on for her little escape. Is this the best thing for society or her children?

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